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PCB fabrication, assembly, and free
award-winning CAD design software.

Leading the industry for over 40 years as the preferred
prototype and production PCB solutions provider for design engineers.

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  • "We received the order on time and the boards are exactly as specified – excellent work! The order process was absolutely painless, and we had no holds or other issues. The ability to have you guys convert from my original Altium board file was extremely useful. We will certainly continue to use Sunstone for future circuit board orders."
    Alex M., Alex
  • The process was easy and fast. You guys killed it!! Got the pcb looked and worked great. Totally would recommend you guys. Thanks.
    Paul Spears,
  • "The process with Sunstone just makes our work life easier. Fast quotes, an expert on the other end of the line-it really supports our competitive advantage."
    Mark Kuhn, Oat Foundry
  • Thank you for providing such a good service! I use Sunstone Circuits as my go-to for prototypes and one-off PCB spins. The variety of services that Sunstone provides helps me to reduce cost during the development stage of a product, and to construct quality, one-off board assemblies for devices such as test-fixtures. Populating prototype PCBs in-house provides quick feedback on designs, and the opportunity to bring a board up one section at a time with rework if necessary. It also helps to assure that the documentation our local CMs will be receiving is in good order before the build is outsourced. All of this helps us to locally produce reliable products in a timely fashion, and Sunstone Circuits’ services are an important part of this process. Regarding a case study, now is probably not the time. Our company is growing at a rapid rate, and our processes are adjusting to meet those needs. Thank you for reaching out to offer the possibility for publicity that this could provide, however! I’m glad to know that we are one of your top customers, and I look forward to doing more business with you and your team soon.
    Oliver Greaves , Novacentrix

CAD Software and Assembly

  • PCB123

    Sunstone Circuit’s excellent free CAD design software program provides the solution for all your PCB CAD design software needs. It interactively checks your design against our manufacturing tolerances (DRC), and also quotes your board and components as you design.

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  • img-monitor
  • img-screaming-circuits

    Screaming Circuits is the leading quickturn assembly specialist and helps Sunstone provide a complete solution for our customers needing machine-populated PCBs, from quote to delivery.

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